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Juan Vargas
Physical Therapist

"I feel honored and blessed to serve our community with the holistic approach of
Physical Therapy. It has always been my passion to help individuals; and with the skills
acquired through attaining a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, I can finally answer my
calling. I graduated from the University of St. Augustine in Austin Texas in 2020, but my
roots run deep in the beautiful terrain of the Eastern Coachella Valley. Along with my
Doctorate in Physical Therapy, I have acquired certifications in manual techniques,
strength and condition, and LSVT which is geared in treating individuals with
Parkinson’s Disease and balance deficits. I want all my patients to understand that the
provider/patient relationship is a team effort, and as a team we will do whatever it takes
to ensure every one of our patients have the proper tools in order to optimize their
quality of life. With research-based rehabilitation techniques, we will find the best path to
achieve “less pain and more power.” I will guide and instruct individuals on the optimal
movement patterns in order to win the fight against gravity."

Physical and Aquatic Therapy

74-057 Highway 111

Palm Desert, CA 92260 

Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Sat/Sun - Closed

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