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Our Mission 

  • To offer an individualized therapy environment 

  • To provide effective physical therapy and occupational therapy with the goal of our patients regaining an independent, functional lifestyle 

  • To restore movement and ease the pain of injuries or degenerative restrictions 

  • To blend anti-gravity water rehabilitation with hands-on relief treatment 

  • To accomplish our goals, CORNISH THERAPY WORKS provides personalized,  one-on-one physical and occupational therapy on land in our gym as well as in water with our Aquatrex system.


Join us 

Cornish Therapy Works will be at the Sun City Health Expo. Come meet our team, and participate in free screening services.

Patient Testimonials

I have had a highly satisfying experience with the top-notch team at Cornish Physical Works.   I have been staying in the La Quinta area for work, and this past April my knee pain from osteoarthritis was worsening.  I did some research into local physical therapists and saw the positive feedback from Cornish patients.  After a thorough intake, I had sessions twice weekly for about two months.  Most of the sessions were with Judd, who was knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging.  I have continued the exercises on my own and am so happy that I was able to get such a great foundation with Cornish.  Two other wonderful things about this place: I can't say enough about the amazing Aqua Therapy Tank, which is a unique feature of this place.  Finally, the office staff were warm, welcoming, and absolutely wonderful.

- Cheryl L.

Physical, Aquatic, and Occupational Therapies

74-057 Highway 111

Palm Desert, CA 92260 

Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Sat/Sun - Closed