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Aquatic Therapy

Entering our custom therapy pool is similar to walking into a room. Step on up, open the door and walk right in.  Once in the pool, it will fill with warm water. Your therapist will then guide you through exercises, stretches, walking or running on an underwater treadmill. When you are ready to exit, the water will be lowered allowing you to freely step out.

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Buoyancy: The buoyant properties of water on the human body relieves joint pain by reducing weight bearing pressure on the joints. This allows individuals who have chronic and acute joint pain to tolerate increased activity needed for rehabilitation.


Hydrostatic Pressure: The pressure provided by the water on you body can help aid circulation, reduce swelling, and creates resistance used for strengthening.


Warmth: The water’s therapeutic temperature of up to 95° facilitates muscle relaxation to allow for improved mobility and reduced pain.

Controlled Speed: The AquaTrek can be adjusted from a speed of 0.5 mph to 10.0 mph. Your therapist adjusts the speed based on your ability and the goals you would like to achieve.

Why water therapy?

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Physical and Aquatic Therapy

74-057 Highway 111

Palm Desert, CA 92260 

Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Sat/Sun - Closed

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